Monday, July 04, 2005

Game One: Bodegas Defeat Jeans

On opening day of the 2005 season, the Bodega Unidas de Brooklyn defeated the Jeans on Fire 11-10 in six innings.

The Jeans jumped out to a five-run lead in the first inning, but the Bodegas later pulled ahead, thanks to a key mid-game player trade. Scott left the Bodegas to produce, I think, three home runs as a Jean on Fire.

My recollection of the game might be a little fuzzy. I asked Linda whether the game was actually a tie, since the Jeans gave the Bodegas an extra inning to try to make up a one-run defecit. As I recall, the Jeans scored a run in that inning to tie the game but could not pull ahead. Rather than call the game a tie, we might as well give it to the Bodegas for being good sports.

The game was a classic Buttermilk Softball outing, with the league's two teams playing under fair skies and optimal weather conditions. The field was almost completely drained, though two mud puddles near first base were like two old, drunk friends: they just wouldn't leave the party, even though we had no desire to go out to breakfast with them the following day. Also, game hazards were kept to a minimum: the soccer game in right field was almost undetectable.

Game highlights include: the debut of Steven, a 15-ish local kid with large pants and a good arm; the on-field debut of former bystander Jessica; Linda's miraculous catch in right field (pictured); Linda's attempt to force out a runner in a close play at the plate; an outfielder from a nearby softball game screaming aggressive (yet...romantic) threats into a cell phone; and last but certainly not least, the friendly face of our Sunday afternoon bartender, Alex, welcoming us to our fourth year of post-game analysis at the Buttermilk.

Chime in with a comment if your recollection of the game is different. Man, maybe I should start keeping stats again: It would make this Monday morning recap a helluva lot easier.

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