Monday, July 04, 2005

Around the Horn: Sam

Contract coordinator and organizer of social events

What position do you like to play?

Pitcher (for serving up sweet and hittable balls) and 2nd Base (for trying to get over my fear of the ball hitting my shins)

Your softball role model:

Jeff Reardon, Bert Blyleven, Rick Aguilera -- basically any mid-late ’80s Twins pitchers because they made me wave my Homer Hanky so hard. And my dad, because he was always making me play catch in the backyard when I didn't want to and had awesome scars and scabs on his knees from his softball playing.

Thing you like most about Buttermilk Softball: Hanging out with friends in the park every week, hitting left-field foul balls for 15 minutes every time I am up; Alex's delicious drinks; the Buttermilk jukebox

Thing you like least about Buttermilk Softball:
Hitting left field foul balls for 15 minutes every time I am up

What do you do in the off-season?
I rigorously train for the next season by drinking at the Buttermilk, playing the jukebox and watching lots of NBA basketball playoffs.

Complete this sentence: The highlight of my Buttermilk Softball career was when...
…The surly little league coach who was fighting us for the field called Gene "Bruce Lee" and then "Soy Sauce." I use those all the time now.

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