Sunday, August 02, 2009

100 Percent Chance of Bummer: Week Five Cancelled Due to Rain

So, the weather reports -- and my own eyeballz -- are telling me that there is a 100% chance of rain, with the occasional thunderstorm, in the mix for today. Or rather that it will be the entirety of the mix, given its 100-percent-ness. So Week Five is off, and we'll just do this thing some other time. I wouldn't plan anything for next Sunday, for instance. I was targeting that.

So, sorry. No softball means you'll have to figure out some other thing to do on Sunday. I'm pretty sure Scrubs is on right now, somewhere, and more and more grocery stores offer dry or "in-door" shopping, which is nice. That might be fun, right? Or it could be imagination-time, all day!

The important thing -- and it is important -- is that you keep your spirits up. This dude knows what I'm talking about:

Give me a very long "O"! (See you next week)