Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Game Five: Bodegas Unbutton Jeans

The Bodegas Unidas de Brooklyn snapped a three-game losing streak after defeating the Jeans on Fire, 13-9, on Sunday at Prospect Park. The Bodegas improved their record to 2-3, pulling within a game of .500.

Turnout for the game was sparse, due to a Minnesota wedding and the all-around void that tends to consume American lives in August. A roster of about 10 Buttermilk regulars were helped by about five newcomers, including Mets fan Jeremy, a woman whose name this reporter did not catch and two mystery men (Ryan and one other) claiming to know Colleen.

Sunday's game was one of the more laborious in league history, with players on both benches suffering various ailments. Ben and Sam were assigned to the weekend in the Washington, D.c.-area Wedding Guest League and arrived for Buttermilk action on short notice after a red-eye flight. Joel, meanwhile, underwent extensive physical therapy at the Hold Steady show on Saturday night and was not yet in peak physical condition. Jesse played permanent shortstop, and few on the field could fall into the rhythm of the pitch-and-catch-for-your-own-team rules.

Though he homered for the Jeans, Scott was in need of a burrito.

Jeff, who also hit a dinger, turned in an outstanding defensive performance in centerfield, catching three fly balls in one inning.

Kevin was a star in center this week, too, as it slowly starts to sink in with team management that talented outfielders--and lots of ground balls--are the secret to this game.

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