Sunday, July 31, 2005

League Sees Cyclones, Gets Free Stuff

Team Buttermilk watched the Cyclones rout the Jamestown Jammers on July 23. We sat in the centerfield bleachers, where one bench supposedly accomdates 12 people. The Cyclones celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Brooklyn Dodgers' World Series victory, rolling out a few players from the 1955 team and plenty of threadbare nostalgia. (Speaking before the game, Borough President Marty Markowitz drew the inevitable comparison between the Dodgers and the New Jersey Nets, set to move to Brooklyn in the next couple of years.) Our crew developed an antagonistic relationship with the Jammers' No. 8, who really wasn't bothering anyone to be totally honest.

The best part: We netted a host a free stuff...all of which was shaped like a t-shirt:

Chris became the only person I know who has actually caught one of those t-shirts launched from an on-field cannon. He split the shirt 50-50 with Bill (pictured).

Also, Linda nabbed a free t-shirt shaped bottle coozie. (Note: The coozie has not been used since this photo was taken.) All in all, it was a splendid evening, though virtually no one watched the game.

Attention, potential challengers: Buttermilk players got in some extensive but probably irrelevant batting practice at Coney Island's facility near the boardwalk. In the fast-pitch softball cage, Joel did not put the bat on a single ball, save for a foul tip that went straight backwards. Ben fared better.

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