Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Real Rap Comes At Halftime/Overtime

Our science is so tight, our drama so ill, the softball season sticks around like an unpaid bill. As you might have heard, true (softball) players stay playing. Which is to say that, in this instance, I CAN call it: barring calamities of world-historical proportions (or, you know, rain) we'll be playing this Sunday. People other than me want to do it. I want to do it. So, you know, let's do it.

I'm also working up a post on superlatives for the season. No one really kept stats, which is probably good for my career numbers, and I missed half the games, so if anyone's got any thoughts on MVP or Rookie of the Year or The Francisco Dinosaurio Award (for community service), put them in the comments or send along direct to me via email.

People, I know it's going to get cold. I know that at some point it will be very dark at 6pm. Before that happens, though, I'd like to play just one more time. I hope you do, too. Remember to use with joystick controller.

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