Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please Wait...Buffering...7%

I've been busy working and blogging tirelessly (elsewhere) on the world's big questions. And thus haven't yet posted a recap of this Sunday's game. And, also, have not addressed the other great questions of our time -- is the totally anarchic shambles formerly known as Iraq going to blow shit with Turkey as well?; how did George Washington manage to fill his pocket with horses?; what the hell happened with Anna and Molly, whom I saw on Brooklyn's 5th Avenue mere hours before the game and who implied strongly they'd be joining us on Field Five? And what actually happened in the game, I guess. If anyone cared about that. Although I don't know why you'd be coming here to get a recap on Sunday's Buttermilk Softball game, honestly.

Good questions all. My only answer at present is: hold your horses, motherfuckerz. More to come tomorrow or Thursday.

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bananana said...

Oh man, I totally got called out! Let me just say a little something in my defense: I was ready to go! At approximately 3:30 I had my soccer gear on (sometimes you gotta improvise), my glove on my hand (well, molly's glove) and the love of buttermilk softball in my heart. I tried my damn best to motivate my roomates out of the house, but the lure of an afternoon nap was ultimately too strong... I sat patiently waiting by the front door (weeping), occasionally calling out, "Guys?", "Are you ready?" until it was too late to even leave. Boo-hoo. Next time, I'll fly solo if necessary.