Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Coming

No one gets called out in this interstitial post. All apologies to Anna, who came through like whoa this week and who gave a very good explanation for her absence the week before (because all who are absent must explain their absence to me) and didn't deserve to get called onto the proverbial carpet. That said, Scott Snelling must explain this week's absence via a photograph of some sort.

Anyway, there will be more here tomorrow or the day after. Actual, overwritten and overwrought substance. Until then, here's a little bit of history to look at. I'm the guy holding the bat.

1 comment:

mb said...

I would have bloggered the s#*t out of my reason of absence if I didn't need a blogger login. Lame! FYI I still consider myself a devoted team player.