Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Classic Pics: The Ambulance Incident

On a beautiful day back in 2003, Steven suffered a separated shoulder while lunging back to second base in his only Buttermilk Softball game. The incident was a lot like Woodstock in 1969: many people say they attended, but few of them actually did. To put it another way, using another tired line copped straight from a Spencer Gifts key chain: If you remember Steven's separated shoulder, you weren't really there.

For those that couldn't make it that fateful day, there are always the photos.

To be honest, I remember very little about Steven's injury. In fact, just now I had to flex my memory muscle to recall that these pictures are from two years ago. Here's my single memory of that day: running around the park like a maniac with Chris, hoping to flag down an ambulance. On second thought, there's more: I remember the "helpful" park volunteer who squatted down on Steven's chest like a mama goose hatching an egg.

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