Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Web Gems

As for Joel's defensive performance, lets put this thing in historical perspective. The major league record for errors in a game by a second baseman is held by a bumbling fellow named Andy Leonard of the Boston Red Stockings who, on June 14th, 1876, came up big with an impressive nine miscues. Clearly his mind was more on the then-nascent Free Silver Movement or on the dwindling prospects of Congressional Reconstruction than on the ballgame. Or perhaps it was simply the fact that rather than a baseball mitt he was wearing a simple piece of cloth strapped to his glove hand, and that with each passing error his chances of being drawn and quartered by a mob of rabid, drunken Irish dockworkers increased. Bottom line: Joel, before you go getting everyone's hopes up about a new "Major League " film (seriously: not fair), remember that it could be worse. You could be a Red Stocking.

In fashion news, I think its important to recognize perhaps our most consistent styleballer: Samantha Anders. Whether casually dismissing would-be batsmen, pulling balls foul down the third-base line, surreptitiously adding runs to her team's total between innings, or taunting friends and loved ones alike with her mad dances off second base, Sam causes an uproar with her tight, knee-length cutoffs, regulation Buttermilk jersey, and pink Mets visor. She may not show up in a dress made only of patched-together American Quilts hand-sewn by Winona Ryder with matching cleats (but seriously Jessica Roake, lets see you field a grounder in that thing), but week-in and week-out Sam is the picture of casual grace. She could be a Kennedy on a sailboat, that one. Nuts to you, old girl.

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